moaning doesn’t help

She is so tired. She is tired of not to be able to complete all tasks on her to-do list. Might her time management or might her some personal issues are the reason why she can’t do all the things she has to do. Neither in daily activities, nor in personal life can she arrange something like she had the idea of and like it was planned before.

She told me, she is really in a mood of moaning, but she got f**ing tired of moaning.  She’d like to share all things on her mind with her nearest persons, what she is actually doing ALL the time, but somehow she got tired of it too.

She feels that no one really can understand what’s going on inside her and she thinks, that with time her moaning really annoys people around her.

People got their own things, own problems on their mind and really don’t want to be oppressed from someone else troubles and problems.
She really loves her life. It is really full of emotion all the time for her. Life changes and takes another turn and actually it is never the same. Sometimes the same things happen, but she takes it differently.

She got very mixed feelings. Once is she happy, once even not. Once she is satisfied with her life, once even not. Once she gets the feeling something is wrong, once she thinks everything is all right. She feels lucky, she feels not. Once happens the best things to her, once even bad.

Might it doesn’t make any sense what is she talking about, or might the logic is lacking, but you have to know that she is so overwhelmed with feelings, she is doing good practice of English and also she is putting her thoughts on “paper”,  instead of taking to someone and make her feel again oppressing someone with her.