Vitamins are not “candy” and may increase the risk to gain weight

So do vitamins really cause weight gain?

So i decided to investigate a subject and do some research.

I found that i don’t have a correct answer. According to the experience which people share on forums seems that even when not changing the diet habits and portions people gained up to 20 lbs in a certain period and sometimes up to 4 lbs in a week. Some have added 2 hours workout daily but their weight kept climbing.

Some say this is bullshit. Vitamins have zero calories and it can’t cause weight gain. Why eating vegetables and fruits doesn’t make you fat?

Sorry, but pills and real food are still considered to be different in our world. So what’s next?

Yesterday i have started to take vitamins and so about in a month i will share the results.

Once i have mentioned here that i might consider to be a vegetarian, but according to my Dermatologist if we don’t take up to 60 gr of protein, no hair gonna start growing up and we can’t stop hair loss. So i am not aiming anymore to skip the meat and the proteins.