Happy days and 99 luft ballons

I am so glad that life is never only rainy days. Sun comes out and shines above us. You feel warm, you feel happiness around you. You struggle, you are worried, you are sad but somehow it goes away, it fades out of the life and only what stays in your mind is lots of colorful balloons flying up in the sky. I don’t know why and exactly when it has started  but since my college years every time i felt sad i have imagined the picture of these flying balloons and it made me back to me and filled with unexplained happiness and bright colors. I still continue doing it. Sometimes i just see clouds passing very quickly on the sky and sun shining through them. These two visions are my truly definition of happiness and clear and calm mind.

I wish one day I will look like this  girl in the picture below and let fly the as many ballons as possible high in the sky.

It reminds me NENA with her world famous song 99 Luftbaloons. Originally it was sung in german but then it was re-recorded in English as 99 Red Balloons. here is the song with german subtitles. I am never getting tired of this song.

 Do you have your picture of happiness? what inspires you?